October 14, 2014

Our Week Consisted of This

I wish I'd videotaped this (camerataped ? What is the proper description for that anymore?) so you could hear the giggling.  I had a third photo where Trevor almost had Bryon in a head lock - but it was too blurry to post. I'm not sure what will happen when Trevor gains another 50 lbs and their sizes are evenly matched, but I'm sure they'll figure it out. This is love for the two of them. Whenever either one is snippy, I sic the other one on him. Works like a charm. They both come up smiles.

We also visited Aunt Gretchen's house for soup and sandwiches this past week. Mabel ate two bowls of deer chili because her cousin Will did. Grandma watched the Huskers play football while we played dominoes and talked about Allie for hours. Aunt Gretch was Hayley's co-captain. It was great.

Andrew picked up his strat this week for the first time in too long. He is amazing with that thing. Lord I love that child.

Trevor is getting a lot of game time. Like, a lot. They've moved his position multiple times, but he usually plays safety or wide receiver. He doesn't play first string because there are multiple coaches and all of them have a son on the team - ahem - but when he plays, he kicks ass. So proud of him. He LOVES it and he's so, so good.

I love that Trevor is a mommy's boy. Not in the batshit crazy way, but in the really yummy and smooshy way. He comes to snuggle all the time, asks me to rub his back or his neck (especially when he has a headache). I've learned not to "notice" his snuggling because calling it out embarrasses him, but lawsie, I soak it up every chance I get.

I'm so grateful for all four of them.

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