October 8, 2014

The Moo is Seven

A week ago, the baby turned 7.  As in, SEVEN.

Wow is what I have to say to that.

Mabel kicked off her birthday with a sleepover with her best friend. They played Barbies and stayed up late talking about boys. Totally not kidding.

Then on Sunday, we had family over for a cookout and cake. Gluten free chocolate, at her request. God love my children.

There was Candyland and Jenga, and skating Elsa from Aunt Gretchen. And of course, Kitty Surprise.

We sang and she swooned, my girl with the messy bun.

I hope she wished for more years with her family and thanked God for all of us together. I hope she wished for lots of giggles and questions at bedtime. I hope she wished for more dry cereal, animals, and stickers. I hope she wished to be the same little girl we love, always.

She is mighty loved.

She is amazing and we love her so. Happy birthday, Moo Rae.

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