November 26, 2014

Oh Yes, She Did

I am quickly coming to the realization that my daughter is capable of just about anything. She is kind to animals and not keen to start a fire, thank God, but everything else is a distinct possibility.

For Halloween, Mabel wanted to be a zombie. Not just any zombie (and definitely not a prissy Barbie-style zombie), but a bloody, gory zombie. She also wanted a homemade costume, so I obliged. Her costume contained a healthy amount of makeup to make her look, you know, dead - so she was super excited.  Her 1st grade class encouraged costumes that Halloween Friday for their party, however makeup was strictly prohibited. That meant we needed to move to plan B for the party.

I offered to give her some crazy hair and told her she could wear anything wacky that she wanted. The child came upstairs in an outfit I have seen her in before - which basically means Mabel dresses like Punky Brewster at all times. Moving on. I gave her 8 precious looped ponies, which we call "polar bear ears" in our house. She giggled and was super excited to go to school and show them off. I reminded her how to pull them out (super easy, by the way), but asked her NOT TO.  She let me snap a quick picture before she got on the bus.

At some point during her morning, and well before their party, Mabel became keenly aware of those 8 polar bear ears atop her head, and she also became very worried that someone would laugh at her for having them. Embarrassment is a new feeling for Mabel, but certainly what little girls worry about at that age (have you heard, school kids can be MEAN?), so she asked her teacher to take out her ponies. Her teacher refused and told her that she looked darling.

Once she realized Mrs. S wasn't going to help her out, Mabel took matters into her own hands, and grabbed a pair of scissors on her way to the bathroom. Once she had some privacy, she worked at those polar bear ears and got 7 of them out.  The 8th one - the one with the blue rubber band at the front, by her face - it gave her some trouble. So she made a chop.

1/2" from her scalp.

Oh yes, she did.

When I got home that day, I observed my daughter giggling and bouncing (she is always giggling and bouncing) while we got ready to go out trick-or-treating and I noticed that something was a little... off.  Upon closer inspection, I thought my daughter resembled Billy Ray Cyrus. And I realized that she had half-mulletted herself that day.

(next morning photo)

We had no time to spare and there really wasn't much to do anyway - so I gooped up her zombie in the bathroom. I sprayed her hair with black hairspray in spots, added the white and green makeup, and gave her dead eyes, by request. Oh, and the bloody mouth from where she was eating brains. I also teased up her hair - which the neighborhood loved by the way.

She really wasn't too concerned about the loss of TEN INCHES of hair from the front of her head, so I figured I shouldn't be either. Can't make it grow any faster anyway.

Sigh. This child.

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