November 7, 2014

They Are Not Tiny

A couple of weekends go, I was hard up to scrap, yo.  I was filled up with love from both husband and children which put me squarely in the please-leave-me-alone-to-create-for-hours mode.  I love that mode. I make a total mess with paint and paper and don't clean my house for hours. It comes rarely! So my husband took off with the kiddos and went to a local state park to play in the leaves so that I could stay home and let the creative beast out of my brain. I stayed in my jammies, drank coffee, and put Grey's Anatomy on.

They went to the same state park that we got married in - which is also the same park we took them to even longer ago, when we created some spectacular photos that still hang in our home.

Bryon is an amazing husband. There are a lot of reasons he is, but he really topped himself that day. Not only did he take the kids out of the house to play for hours - happily... but he also took photos and sent them to me.

My husband artfully recreated several of the images we took years ago, and made me fall in love with our family all over again.

Wow. Our girls are so beautiful. I love how they love each other. Even if sometimes that love is tolerance.

My mini man. He thought it would be hilarious to climb up in that tree. Can't wait to show this one to his future wife.

Did I mention that Bryon packed them a lunch, too? Eat your heart out, ladies. He's the bomb diddly.

They were all so tiny.

Now, not tiny.

This one made me tear up.  What a kind and loving husband I have!

God is amazing.

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