December 2, 2014

Roo + Glasses

Happy December, yo!

We had a terrific Thanksgiving. It was absolutely wonderful. I had planned to host our entire family so I prepared a 20 lb turkey. Which, as it turns out, takes roughly 5 hours in the oven. In the end, it was only us plus our favorite bachelor neighbor - and it was AMAZEBALLS. 

I suppose since this is my blog I'm allowed to brag, so, yes. I rocked that feast. The men - and kids - had seconds and thirds! I soaked up every compliment, too. I can admit it. I sent our neighbor home with two days worth of meals, make turkey vegetable soup two days later, and still had 1/4 of the bird to freeze for another meal. I have since decided that I will probably get 20 lb turkeys from now on. It wasn't wasted! 

December is in full swing. Our house was decorated before Thanksgiving (say whaaaaaat?) and I've already got my December Daily on (that's a scrapbooking project, by the way). Almost done with Christmas shopping, too.

Our first snow fell more than a week ago, so yes. Full swing.

But I have news to share!  My little Roo got glasses yesterday.  We took this selfie a couple of weeks ago after Bryon and I surprised him with a new Neff beanie. He hasn't taken it off since, but that's another story for another time.

He was excited, actually. Hayley has glasses, see - so it's only fitting that Andrew need them as well. As a matter of fact, Andrew has astigmatism, just like Hayley. He let me be the first to call him "four eyes" and then called Bryon to say, "Hello, Four Eyes, this is Four Eyes as well calling."  Too cute.

I took him to his appointment downtown and his little tail was wagging. (Well, Andy loves one on one time more than anything in the world.) He'd already picked out a pair of frames, so the second half of the appointment went really fast.

Then I made him mug for the camera because he was so cute I wanted to eat him up.

I also made him promise to learn guitar for Weezer's Buddy Holly for me.

Love this kid to pieces. I am SO blessed. He is such a rockstar to me.

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