May 29, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. Swoon.

2. I love this tile, the shelves, the vintage cups - all of it.

3. Darling little person room. I am kind of obsessed with that hello pillow.

4. And wall hangings. Also obsessed with wall hangings.

5. I'd love a leather jacket someday. This one is awesome.

6. This looks like the best (completely freaking sold out) tee!

7. Wow. Adore this.

8. Love the mix of casual shirt and cocktail dress. Perhaps more of us should try it.

9. I'm looking forward to flannel shirts tucked into jean shorts this summer.

10. Awesome blanket.

11. I seriously MAD love this living room.

12. This back porch makes me want to move to Georgia immediately and I couldn't tell you why, but I LOVE this back porch. It is so amazing.

13. Awesome backyard furniture and decor, yo!

14. Everyone needs as many heart stickers as possible. I plan to gift some to my girls when school starts just because.

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May 27, 2014

Handmade Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, I was thinking of Nana. I miss her greatly. I did call her up twice and hear her voice (and that is so very soothing) but I miss her. I miss smelling her lotion and hearing her chuckle. I'm so grateful for all the time my kids got to spend with their Nana when they were little.

On Mother's Day, the kids presented me with a singing M-O-M card (picked out by Hayley) and handmade cards, too. They are my most favorite.

"I love you. For my vare bast mom, by Mabel. You mace me lafe."

Mabes also drew pictures inside of her card and left a signature line for each person in the family. Please notice the adorable box of 'choclit' in the corner.

Trevor's card makes my heart grin wide, Folks. I'm not sure what kind of butt that is, but yes, that there is an ass.

And a special message inside, too.

I mean, be still my mama heart!

My sexy Jedi husband planted peonies for me in the back yard and small white flowers in the front. He was most excited to tell me the name of the white flora he picked: "Betty Whites." Love him.

Hayley spent Mother's Day with her mom, but she did wish me a great day over the phone. It was sweet to hear her voice and I'm thankful I got to do that. I am a mama to four, no matter their origin.

And then toward the end of the evening, wrapped in arms and neck kisses in the kitchen, my husband gave me his card.

I am incredibly blessed.

May 22, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

1. We've got some serious amazingness going on here. I love the sweater, but the hair is so fabulous I kind of want to pass out. So effortless.

2. Please take me camping.

3. Krave jerky is all-natural and gluten free. It is the BEST jerky I have ever had - including the glutened stuff. You can find it at Target!

4. One day I'd love to have a coop. This one is perfect.

5. Hot dogs + garlic + red Kool Aid = catfish/bass bait.  We shall see.

6. This picture makes me want to find a vintage rug and turn it into a jacket.

7. Love the components of this outfit. Black on black is my favorite and she's strapped it up! Love.

8. I'd never be able to afford these Christian Leboutins, but a girl can dream.

9. Awesome comfy outfit right here. Booties are still my fave.

10. This is so boho fabulous.

11. Handwritten and framed - your vows, a poem, or song lyrics. Stunning.

12. Washi tape wall. Killer!

13. Such a sweet little room!

14. This is the cutest birthday idea!

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May 21, 2014


Oh, sweet Weddennessday.  Let me tell you peeps, it is has been a GREAT week so far. There is a pretty terrific possibility that my betterment in attitude is because I started a new job this week. It’s a very similar job to my previous and in fact, I am making the exact same salary. However it is full of opportunity and light. I am very, very, VERY excited. This new job is a cupcake from Jesus.

This cupcake means that for the first time since we began, Bryon and I will no longer be working together. I realize that for many couples, the idea of working with your spouse seems daunting, but it was something that we LOVED very much. Making the decision to go elsewhere was scary for me. However, God. I know I am being obedient by moving forward and I trust that my King will provide the path and mark my steps. I need only listen. In addition, Bryon is excited for me. So, so supportive. He’s been more than reassuring to my heart and clear about his priorities. I’d say he’s even mounted a defense against whatever boogeyman exists in this change for me. We are ready for our next adventure!

Since we haven’t been working together, we’ve been missing one another more. Bryon told me that the drive into the plant alone each morning “feels weird and different.” He doesn’t like it one bit. The past two nights he has greeted me at the door with a huge smile and a kiss on the neck. Last night I gave him whirlies in the kitchen. Come to think of it, the kitchen has been a point of action for us lately altogether. Last week he attacked me while I dug around in the fridge. He spun me around and kissed me so hard the bottles clanged in the door and the back of my head knocked the butter on the floor. We giggled and the kids (who were 10 feet away watching a movie) giggled, too. Something about watching mom and dad go to town and be all up in love together, perhaps? So, so healthy for kids to see that. Without oversharing more than usual, suffice it to say that this change stepped some other things up in our relationship and it. is. fabulous.

We took the kids to meet their dad last weekend. They will be gone for nine weeks this year. Please send prayers for all of us, Friends.

Mabel struggled the most with homesickness before leaving. She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed, clinging to my leg and begging me not to make her leave. It was so sad. I reassured her that once she got to Dad’s and had some fun, she’d be just fine. It is okay to be homesick and have fun at the same time, I told her. I hope Shoes appreciates how much I make sure the kids are plugged into talking with him and spending time with him because it is not easy on my heart. I expect him to do the same on his end.

Hayley has some 1:1 time with us while the kids are gone and that is such a beautiful thing for her. Certainly, we are a family of 6 and we feel like an abbreviated form of our family while my 3 are gone – but we make the most of it. There are still chores and dinner to be cooked, sure. But there is quality time in abundance for Hales. She helps with everything and is eager to stay busy. She misses the kids deeply, especially her little sister. You guys, on Mabel’s last night before leaving, Hayley was the one who asked to comfort her at bedtime. After we went up to bed (literally prying little Moo’s hands off of my leg) Hayley talked to her about going back and forth between parents. She sang to her and prayed with her. We were so, so proud. What great kids we have!

We are planning two vacations this summer. Both relatively short, but vacations nonetheless. We plan to camp in the Black Hills, and spend some time up at Lake Brandt. Now, if only summer would arrive in Da Plains. Seriously turned our heat on this morning!

We are anxious to get up to the lake, to go running and go for walks at the park downtown on Sunday mornings. We are anxious to plant a garden and lay in the grass staring at the stars. We are going to take better care of our bodies this summer – all of us!

If you haven’t caught on by now, God is working in my heart right now. I feel a full rebirth coming – a change of attitude. That’s what made the tattoo timing so right for me. The new job. And now – getting my body healthier. Following the Paleolithic diet has certainly improved my health, but my body is out of shape. Like, blah. At one point in my adult life I attended Pilates mat classes 3x a week, yoga 1x week, and ran about 6 miles. I was in great shape. And then I got divorced, moved to Da Plains, and forgot how to move my body. So it is time to kick myself in the ass and get going again. My first yoga class is this week and I cannot even tell you how excited I am! Bryon and I have been working out together as well, doing resistance bands, cardio, and (a TINY BIT for me) of weight lifting. It feels amazing to work out with my husband! I love it!

In other news: I have a new favorite eyebrow pencil. Why I didn't try this 20 years ago I cannot tell you, because it has been Judy's favorite for about 50 years. Maybelline Expert Eyes eyebrow pencil, Guys. For real. They are super cheap and just the right amount of color without being harsh. I should have listened to Judy many, many years ago.

And the cats are going crazy missing the kids, like they always do. For Bo, this will be his first time through a whole summer without being swaddled, strangled, dressed up, or sat on. He will miss Mabel a lot. Kiki spends most of her day on Andy's bed, just waiting patiently for him to return. The countdown begins...

May 20, 2014

The One Where I Started My Sleeve

A new tattoo has been on my mind for years. Literally, years. My last one was the coverup done while visiting Mindy Lu and being a badass.

The timing began to feel right this spring. I was on the precipice of big change and I felt the urge to celebrate that by marking my body. It's a very personal and meaningful thing, so the timing had to be just right.

While dreaming of ink, I found myself Pinning the same types of images over and over and over again: fine line, black & gray, floral shoulder cap. Of the hundreds I pinned, 80% of them were the same type of thing. Eventually my piece materialized in my mind; I would get a shoulder cap sleeve of vintage peonies.

I know you will believe me when I tell you that I applied temporary tattoos to my left shoulder so that I could  visualize placement. Mabel took pictures of me making eggs that morning and I sent some nudies to my husband that afternoon. Everyone loved it (especially Bryon). I wanted to be really, really sure. It's forever, yo!

Finally, I was left with the very important matter of finding an artist. I knew I wanted a different artist than the guy who did my coverup (he moved away anyhow). I called multiple shops. I sent emails and made visits and studied the line work on portfolios. I printed out examples of what I liked and what I didn't like - and I prayed. Really, I did. A tattoo is not a haircut, wherein you merely hope your stylist gets the gist of what you're going for. You have to love it or... else. After one meeting, I left a shop disheartened because the artist did not listen to a word I'd said. Instead of finding a way to sketch my request he tried to persuade me into doing something closer to his comfort level. Sorry, Dude, that's a hard no for me.

I found Tyler by accident, actually. I stopped to discuss my tattoo at another shop in town, one that was inside an old, pink stone church. Tattoo shops can often seen unapproachable and intimidating and truthfully, this one was no different. However, once I began to talk to the proprietor I felt that warm, confident 'fuzzy' I was looking for. I met Tyler, who up until recently had been an apprentice. He was an artist who had trained with the best and based on both his portfolio and listening skills, I gave him the chance to draw me something.

He called the next day and Bryon and I went to see the drawing. We were both blown away. It was the perfect combination of all of the details I'd sent to him. He listened to everything I said, bless his 20-something little heart. Nevermind that I could possibly be his mother. Bryon was comfortable with Tyler in general and I felt very safe allowing him to change my body for evah.

Bryon was cleaning an oven on the day of my appointment, so I went alone. I found it remarkably relaxing to be left alone with my own thoughts for a while. No texting, no cell phones allowed (though I did tell him I snuck an image while he was drawing me up). I just sat there, quietly. It was a process I planned to experience in full. I loved every moment of it.

I know you won't believe me when I tell you that it wasn't painful, but it wasn't. I mean, it wasn't my favorite feeling, but it was very easily tolerated. It felt like an electric ballpoint pen rolling along my arm. While Tyler finished the line work, I thought about asking for a headrest. Because I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep.

I mean, roll your eyes at me if you want to, but I also gave birth naturally on purpose. I'm a weirdo (and I like it that way). It was juuuuuuust irritating enough for me to feel like I was earning this badge on my arm. Exactly what I was going for.

Almost exactly one hour in, the line work was done. We took a short break so that I could relieve the 2 liters of water I drank that morning and Tyler could burn one out back. I snapped a photo of the line work and sent it to my two peeps. Both Mindy Lu and Bryon LOVED it.

So did I. I mean, I was verklempt at how much I loved it.

One of the details I'd requested was interior shading only. I wanted the vintage peonies to float on my shoulder. Tyler did exactly that, Another two hours passed while he finished the shading. 

Man. I am thrilled.

I love, love, love it.

May 15, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Beauty Edition

Y'all, this has been the season of beauty up in here. I still do not wear a lot of makeup, but I wear more on my eyes than I used to. Perhaps it is because I'm older now or maybe its because my bestie has me hooked. No matter. These are my current favorites.

1. Nars matte shadow in Bali. I saw this first on a Free People blog video. I use a flat brush and apply this as smudged liner on top and bottom. Such a cool, relaxed look. Perfect for mornings when I'm running late. I've also used this as eyebrow powder in a pinch.

2. Nars matte shadow in Blondie. I'm planning on picking this up soon.

3. Bobbi Brown is fabulous. I read a book of hers in 1996 and I haven't looked back since. It covered everything from skin care to makeup and it was truly revolutionary. Educational. That book is where I learned how NOT to have sperm-brows (you know you know what I'm talking about, Ladies). This is a shadow palette of hers that I can't find anywhere - in pinks with navy blue. The search continues.

4. Another seasonal Bobbi Brown set, this one in warm nude.

5. This Nars Illuminator liquid in Copacabana is amazing. Dewy and fresh with juuuuuust a bit of shimmer in this highlighting fluid.

6. I prefer the Nars Multiple in Copacabana over the liquid Illuminator myself. This is THE perfect highlight tool when used with a darker eye. This plus smokey eye = perfect evening look for moi. Blends with fingers or a brush, right on your cheekbones. LOOOOOVE.

7. I use my Nars Multiple in South Beach almost daily. It's a great contour color/blush/bronzer. I use it just beneath the apples of my cheeks/cheekbone and then blend with my fingers. Just enough to look healthy but never enough to notice I'm wearing something.

8. Nars also makes a Duo in Copacabana and St. Barts - perfect highlight and contour shades. If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge Nars fan. [However, I do not like their Orgasm blush.]

9. Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powder has been my holy grail for about 10 years. My ex mother-in-law sold it in her salon and I've been hooked ever since. Lucky for me, my stylist sells it here, too. This shit is bananas, Peeps. Perfect sheer coverage but buildable if you want more. Use a little or use it everywhere. Add a drop of water to a pinch of it in your hand and you have the perfect concealer - like, perfect. I can even sprinkle a bit into my moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer. I've gone swimming and my blemishes were still relatively concealed. And I can be lazy and sleep with this on without any clogging - ever. I will never use anything else.

10. I dislike peachy-nudes myself, so I love this neutral nude Chanel 559 in Frenzy. Can't find it though.

11. On a whim, I picked this mascara up the last time mine ran out. It is a favorite now, for sure. Very reliable and doesn't smudge. Lashes for days.

12. I do love Benefit's They're Real, however it is not my most favorite. The applicator is stellar, but the formula smudges on me by the end of the day. I still love it, but wish it came in a waterproof version.

13. My go-to gloss right now is Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Pink Diamond. Sheer, with a kick!

14. If I'm feeling saucy, I'll whip out my Revlon Just Bitten balm stain. The colors are rich, they don't budge, and they don't feel like anything on your lips. Kissable!

15. I'm loving the sparkly eye smudge look right now - and this is a great tutorial. Do you read You should!

16. I'd like to try this Essie polish in No Place Like Chrome. So cool!

17. I use Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes for Sensitive Skin every night now. I used to use a Clinique toner to cleanse every evening, but I think it became too harsh for my face now that I'm a billion years old. I've been wanting to try towelettes forever and when I saw these at Target (and quickly googled check on their fab reviews), I picked them up. Super comfortable to use and they remove every trace of makeup.

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