January 26, 2015

Around These Parts

We are all kinds of alive over here. Just busy. Super busy. I've been a super scrapper lately so that means the blog has been slightly... ignored. So sorry, so sorry.

I'm not giving it up. Just... posting less right now. Hope y'all love me anyway.

So, for Judy, here is a bit of life around these parts over the last little while.

January 19, 2015


Pretty sure that photo bomber you see in the corner has a big, huge, artistic life ahead of him.

Recently, he and the girls decided to play Tattoo Shop.

The girls shouted out requests and Andy obliged, hand-drawing each one with washable markers.

Then later, he DJ-ed us into dinner.


January 5, 2015

Just Call Her Bob

After Mabel turned herself into Billy Ray Cyrus, I knew I had to plan a haircut. And sadly, I knew it would have to include bangs of some kind. She has so many cowlicks and curls up front that I have always been very cautious of bangs for her. But it turned out okay. The haircut is DARLING. The bangs I can live with until they grow out.

She enjoyed the full experience.

She even got some volumizer!

The puppy and skunk tattoos on her cheeks are my favorite.