February 26, 2015

Breakfast Assignment

So Mister Man had to make a full breakfast for his FACS class (don't ask me what that stands for but it's Home Ec). He was so excited. I took him shopping a few days ahead and he picked out eggs, grapes, sausage links, and cinnamon rolls, which he planned to serve with coffee and orange juice.

We had a scary moment when he told me that he had to serve everything at once - including the coffee - but I cleared that part up right quick when I threatened to remove his eyebrows if I had to wait until the end for coffee. If the teacher had a problem with that, we were willing to accept a lower grade for it. Oy.

Trev took directions well and didn't burn anything. And it only took him 90 minutes (ahem). Therefore, he has been elected to fix dinner at least once a month for our entire family.

He was very proud. (Eggs are missing from this photo.)

In the end, the teacher did not deduct for said early coffee and #1 got an A for his assignment.

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