March 19, 2015


Recently we learned that Mabel has finally gained enough weight to be a literal pain in the neck.

My husband sent the most gorgeous roses for our 4th wedding anniversary!

And then he made me gluten free pizza - because sometimes you just need pizza.

Lately the boys - all 3 of them - have been rocking out to classic rock music downstairs. So often that Mabel now knows all the words to Free Bird and every Def song you can think of.

Miss Moo Moo got her hairs cut. She told me the back was too long so I requested a trim of her bob with a bump in the back.  This is a bit more 'bumped' than I had in mind, but she looks darling and it will grow. She loves it.

Moo also loves to wash potatoes. She'll help cook anything. It's definitely some great quality time together. We talk about school and boys and macaroni penguins.

Recently, I had the chance to scrap for a few hours, uninterrupted. It was so relaxing.

Mabel made a sign for the girls' room.

Daddy and Trevor installed the bathroom cabinets. I, for one, am the most excited about this because it means that my morning showers will not be interrupted by four people.


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