April 22, 2015

And So, Last Week

Lots going on. Readying for summer at home, even though the weather is still flip flopping like crazy. 70 some days and then 40 the next. The 40 mph winds still suck. Bean, in particular, does not like them. Can't hardly stand in one spot long enough to pee, see.

We have done loads of spring cleaning lately. Bags upon bags for donation. The kids keep growing, no matter how many bricks I put on their heads. Trevor's inseam is almost 34". Wow.

There was yoga last week, thankfully - and a new tank top that made the Heavens open up and the angels cry out AMEN.

And the cemented post was finally dry enough for full basketball hoop installation. Followed by hours of playing in the rain. I'm not sure which dude in my house loves it more.

Hayley finished another round of rec volleyball.

The boys had a science fair on Bryon's birthday.  [Hello, Trevor's hair!]

And we hosted Plowman and IT Jesus for dinner on Saturday night! It was like chicken soup for our souls to hug on them. LOVE.

God is so good.

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  1. Love checking out your photos and what you've been up to recently!