April 28, 2015

How To Make New Friends

Only days before I chopped 7 inches of my hair off, I texted my Lulu and told her that I’d finally uncovered the holy grail of hair processes. It took five products and approximately 25 minutes on washing day to achieve the natural, bedhead waves that I like. Even longer if I used different products to straighten it.  And a funny thing happened after I texted with her about it.  While I was happy that I finally had found a system that worked for the texture of my long hair, I became thoroughly displeased with the quantity of products required and the amount of time it was taking just to look effortless.  I also found myself pulling my bra-length hair up, a lot. Getting frustrated with it, a lot. Not feeling that sexy hair feeling anymore. Sigh. And then I felt it coming, the imminent change I needed. Suddenly all I could think was: I MUST CHOP.  Luckily for me, I keep a very nicely stockpiled group of Pins for just such an imminency (yes, I just made that word up). I knew the chop would be a lob, and so I put together a Power Point to show my stylist (don’t judge, yo).

I will save you all the very long story of how I started with my usual stylist, who was distracted and gave me a grossly uneven lob with an undercut so that I left looking like a [very pissed off] lopsided newscaster – and tell you that I called a brand new stylist whose name had been given to me months ago. Out of the blue, I called her up and out of the blue, she was AMAZING. God sent her into my life. She’s as neurotic as I am and asked me to promise to always bring Power Points. For serious. KLOVE blasted on the radio in her studio and we did. not. stop. talking.  For over two hours.  She toned my balayage, which had gone brassy. She trimmed up the lob and fixed the angle so that I no longer looked like I work for CNN.  We talked about boobs and kids and Jesus and made plans to meet for drinks in the future. Then she styled my hair 3 ways, just to show me some ideas for my new length – straight, swingy lob, beachy waves (to die!), and a bun.  People – a BUN. Seriously, what freaking stylist does that? MY NEW ONE, THAT’S WHO.  I seriously love her as a human.  And I think it was mutual because when she delivered her baby girl a week after my appointment, she sent me photos an hour after the birth. I mean, I think she likes me back, is what I’m saying.  Squee!!!

I have a new friend and I could not be more excited. Also, hair score.

My jedi even commented on Facebook at how snarfly and sexy my new hair is. Boom. There it is.

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