April 10, 2015

Judy Bovine is Swell

Over Easter this year, we drove back East and spent the weekend with Nana Judy.

It was very special and full of sticky memories.

The drive was long - like, 13 hours long - but everyone made it in one piece.

Nana was having brunch when we saw her. She invited all of us to sit with her lady friends in the dining room - and then she promptly ordered birthday cake ice cream for all of the kids. It was a riot. The ladies LOVED the kids and we all loved the ladies. And Nana is definitely their entertainment.

Within minutes, she asked my husband if he had bunions on his... well, she commented about how long he'd been driving is what she did.  And then tricked him into turning around so she could check out his butt.  That's my Judy. What a tremendous compliment!

My mama heart swelled with pride at how amazingly polite and courteous the kids were as we sat there. They waited their turns, they didn't poke each other, and each one of them engaged the elderly in conversation.

Favorite part of the weekend was definitely hearing my mother's laugh in person. She has the BEST laughing face EVER. So, so beautiful.

There is always time for butterfly kisses. And Andrew asked Nana ahead of time to pretty please shower him with some. She was happy to oblige.

Nana had a list of visits she wanted to make around town, since we had wheels. So we stopped a few places, took her to the mall, and then to the grocery store.

Where she had to buy an Enquirer. Because she's Judy and Judy has always, always read the Enquirer.

We hit up the Irish pub the next day and Nana had a glass of pinot grigio with me. Well, she had 4 sips and got silly so I had to finish the rest for her.

We made arrangements for the kids to spend Easter with their dad's family, and reservations for us to take Nana to brunch.  When we got to her apartment to pick her up, we had to wait until a commercial to leave. The Golden Girls were on. Duh!

Bryon, the horticulturalist, trimmed up all of Nana's planters for her. They are gorgeous. She has quite a green thumb!

There is no doubt about it. Nana has shrunk.

There was lots of couch snuggling all weekend. And because Nana Judy = watching movies, she put in Cocoon and Cocoon 2 - and the kids loved it.

I adore that my kids are still immediately at home with Nana. Her smell, her stuff - it is HOME to them, too. We cherish the years that we lived with my mother and I am so grateful each one of the kids has a close and personal relationship with her, even still.

We got out her dulcimer for a while.

And before we said goodbye for this time, we snapped my favorite picture:  three generations of mouth. Strong, brave, and entertaining ladies right here.

God is so good.  

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