April 27, 2015

March Went Something Like This

In an effort to improve blogging (yes, really), I do continue to write and queue up posts. I found this one this morning, buried from March.  Considering it's almost May, I should probably publish it.

March basically went something like this:

Still Frick and Frack.

Glory be, a finished bathroom!

We see Allie in every purple sky, even six months later.

Hayley is overhand serving.

Peeps are still gluten free. Damn it.

Our chili Bean gives free cuddles daily...

...but he's not a fan of car rides yet. We're practicing.

I love my new haircut.

Bean loves The Golden Girls while we're gone during the day (I did have to promise Daddy to leave ESPN on sometimes as well.)

Date nights and things.

Andy's love of chicken pot pies give me reassurance that he will survive college.

And, Trevor learned how to change spark plugs.

Time for April!

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