April 23, 2015

Uno Fuego

One Sunday night, we were in a mood for some fuego and Jesus. The littles were already in bed, so we took Bean outside for the first fire of the year.

Burning trimmings from the yard, mostly, but it was a fire nonetheless!

Bean wasn't the least bit scared of the fire. Bean's not really the least bit scared of anything. Except the geese in the lake out back!

I want you all to know that this man's heart has longed for a doggy for a very long time and he is completely in love with Bean. There are big plans for Bean to go fishing with Daddy, hunting with Daddy, and everything with Daddy. Bean LOVES Daddy, so this will work out nicely.

They selected old Tesla and Styx songs to listen to together. They stared at the stars overhead and talked to Jesus.

Beaner also loves the mommy.

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