May 7, 2015

Ahhhh Spring

Spring has finally sprung in Da Plains. The grass - and the people - have stopped hibernating.

Trevor has found a defensive partner for football practice in the backyard.

Andrew is very much enjoying practice at becoming the next Michael Jordan.

It's light and warm enough on weekend mornings to go for doughnuts with Daddy.

Warmer weather means yard parties around here, and we had a fine one about a week ago. Uncle Joe came with his smoker and we had smoked salmon and chicken legs, a fried turkey, shrimp boil, and rocky mountain oysters (they were Mabel's FAVORITE). Mabel helped Joe marinate the salmon.

Even the boys helped Uncle Joe get the boil ready.

Mabel thought it was the perfect time to apply her Spring set of press-on nails. They lasted 2 hours.

We love Spring!

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