May 5, 2015

Bean Schwims

Overall the training is going very well.  Bean has been sleeping through the night. I would say that's pretty smashing for a 4 month old baby dog, right?

A month ago that was not the case.  Our baby was a stress-pooper.  When we left him in the kennel, he responded by dropping his contents. Thankfully, his contents amount to a couple of tootsie-roll knockoffs rolling around in the kennel - but there are days he got a little to steppy and rolled around too vigorously. He pood himself is what I'm saying.

And so I came home from work one day and my baby boy smelled like a pig. He needed a schwim! So I ran him a bathtub full of warm water and got out the castille soap for his delicate skin, and then plopped him in.  He liked it much better than his first sink bath, but was generally disappointed that his short Lhasa legs made him seem deeper in the water. He walked back and forth and back and forth and then decided he wanted to be dry instead.

I marveled at how much of him is actually hair. Shed-free Poodle hair, thank the Lord. I mean, would you look at this little Bean?!

After a few minutes of schwimming, castille soaping, and rinsing with lullabies, it was time to cave to the puppy dog eyes and get him out.

How could you not?

Daddy joined me in the bathroom and we towel-dried him and then blow-dried him as well, worried he'd get too cold outside. I mean, Da Plains wasn't warm yet.

Uh huh. We already know it; save your comments. This boy is spoiled rotten.

After his bath he was a cheerful puffy fluff again and excited to play with his favorite squeaky bear, Little Bean.

And if you would excuse me, I must now go pass out from cute overload.

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  1. CUTENESS overload is what this is and I love it! So darn adorable!