May 19, 2015

Lunch with Judy

Throughout my life, I spent lunch with my mom. I’d pack a lunch or pick up carry out for the both of us and we would enjoy my lunch hour talking about everything and nothing.  Those are some of my favorite moments with her, maybe ever. I can remember spots of lunch throughout my life – just after high school when we watched the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing one day when I worked at the dentist’s office – a particularly hilarious episode of What Not To Wear over the lunch hour when I worked at the pet store – tons of lunches during my grown up career. Especially on days when I was excited about something or feeling low, my mommy was there. I got to listen to her hopes and dreams and nursing stories, too. Now, even though she’s 840 miles away, I still love my mom over lunch.                             

Recently I was blessed to have a lunch break with her, by phone. She sounded like my favorite sweater and a Golden Girls episode. I talked to her the entire time I was away from work while I drove home to let Bean out. I needed her voice that day.

When I talk to my mother, she has this magic ability to make me feel like I’m very normal just as I am – while also unique and exactly the way she worked to make me. She raised me to have a strong and vocal moral compass, and to be brave and opinionated, honest to a fault truly. She also raised me to follow God’s guidance more than simply blurting that stuff out, to use it as a pressure on my heart to pray for someone or some thing instead.  (It has taken years to hone that skill!) 

It was so nice to hear my mom tell me that she was proud of me and that she knows that no matter what I’m facing, I’ll figure it out. She believes in me fully, just as I am.

She also offered me a very valuable reminder: stop taking things on that aren’t mine.  I.e. stop taking things so personally.  There will simply be people on this earth not designed to appreciate the woman I am and she told me to just leave them be. If the support I’ve been asked to provide a friend is falling on deaf ears, then just pray and let them be for a while.  She reminded me not to work overly hard seeking anyone's approval, but instead to just let the light shine out of me in whatever way feels best. And always, to keep praying.

Exactly what I needed that day.

She’s the best ever. 

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  1. Thanks,'mom', I needed that today too.