May 13, 2015

Thoroughly Soak Your Beans

It was bathtime again for Bean and both Andrew and Mabel asked to help. I loved their willingness to learn about how to CARE for a pet, instead of just playing with it - and so I grabbed towels and gave a quick lesson.

Lukewarm water in ze tub. Check.

Remove collar and plop ze puppy in ze tub. Check.

Swoosh ze water all over ze puppy. Check.

Massage in and rinse out ze gentle Dr. Bronner's castille soap (remember to thoroughly rinse ze pits and under ze tail). Check.

Admire ze rings of fur around ze puppy's legs. SWOON.

Try not to giggle at ze curly queue tail or the muzzle mustache.

Look at ze handsome baby boy waiting politely for exit.

Drip dry. Check.

Squeeze excess water from ze fluff. Check.

Swaddle up ze baby for snuggly wugglies? Check.

Andy was first.

Then Moo.

Oh delicious kisses from ze clean baby!

After that, we blew him dry!

All of this to say: dogs are not as efficient as cats.

Kiki does pride herself in being a self-cleaner that way. Amen to that.

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