June 26, 2015

Moo Sews

A couple of weeks before the kids left for their dad's, Mabel and I were left home while the boys went fishing.

Naturally, we decided to sit on the couch for girly shows and sew.  My girl brought up the sewing kit she got last Christmas, and all of the makings of a felt kitty cat.

I showed her two stiches - that's it.

She listened carefully and took her time. It was very special to watch and brought back amazing memories of embroidery with my mom.

Bean watched. He is so polite - didn't even try to eat the project more than once.

Be still my heart.


Great job, Moo!

June 24, 2015

Bean Likes The Feeesh

Before the kids left for the summer visit with their dad, they spent some time fishing a local lake.

Bean was most excited.

"Can I has dat?"  - Bean

June 23, 2015

His New Baby

Andy Smurf got an early birthday present before leaving for his dad's this summer.  His mini strat busted a bridge, so it was only appropriate for Bryon to grab him and almost literally FLY to the guitar store.

He was elated. He has played her every day since.

Love this bond between them.

June 8, 2015

Weddennessday on a Monday

I’m’a write this on Monday, mmm-kay? But look out, because I’m chatty today and 'Weddennessday' is comin'! 

So I did the thing the girls who get their hair cut into lobs do; I went back for another haircut. I asked her to #cleartheshoulders and bob it.  It’s such a thing, there is a hashtag. I’m accidentally trendy, look at me!  I realize I do this – I grow out my hair for months and years and then get a wild hair for a change. I loved the lob, but I couldn’t make it work, mostly since I rarely wear my hair straightened anymore.  I have long since learned to embrace my hair’s natural (bedhead) texture and wave, so I need polished bedhead these days basically.  The lob wasn’t it. I tried, but it just wasn’t. So my new good friend and hair stylist was chirping with excitement as she held her comb below my jawbone. “Are we thinking like an inch then?”  Rumpled eyebrows. Mouth squirming. “An inch and a half?”  And then she reset the comb higher at the nape of my neck and brought it ‘round.  “There!”  I said.  “That’s two inches!” Well, shit. If you’re gonna do it,  do it, I thought. And so we / she did.   She also got rid of most of the A-line, point cut the back and thinned without using thinning shears (those things are the devil on me).  It felt amazing. And then I went home and knocked my husband off of the couch.  Ahem.

Isn’t it amazing how great hair fills you with confidence? Girls, go after that. Don’t ever settle on something that makes you feel attractive. For me, it’s totally hair – but if it’s eyelashes or your shoulders, do it as best you can every day. You deserve it.

And so – I have a list of things I’m loving in my hair right now. Sometimes all at once!  I still love and use Living Proof products. I also like Bumble&Bumble a lot. I was spoiled by a Bb salon back east and love how layerable their products are – and since I’m all about big bedhead hair, well layering is on my mind right now.  After my chop, I picked up some Bb Gentle shampoo, some Thickening Hairspray (the BEST on wet hair before a big blowout), Invisible Oil Primer (new Holy Grail, seriousy) and their new Surf Infusion spray (think salty surf spray + oils).  LOVE. (I did not love the Dryspun texture spray or the Surf shampoo + conditioner, so those went back.)

Kids have been out of school for 3 weeks here. Unfortunately, our weather didn’t get the memo and it was between 30-50 degrees.  We were 90 degrees a month ago, so things can turn back around on a dime out here. And, well, they better – because the kids want to run through sprinklers and not freeze to death. Also, Bean is DONE with frigid wind. Amen.

In new news, Mabel has asked to go to 2nd grade volleyball camp next week. Whoop!  She’s been inspired by big sister.

OMG. I have been so bugged by the piercing bug lately. I knew I wanted second holes in my ears, so after my haircut last night, I had them done. [And yes, I could have waited and seen a piercer instead of a mall lady, but I needed to seize the moment!]  I chose gold, 3mm balls for my studs and I love them!  I am looking forward to switching them out this summer to some indie jewelry from BRVTVS I’ve had my eye on lately.

Can we talk about Grey’s for a moment?  Enough time has passed for everyone to have seen and been spoiled about what happened on the show, right? Good. Because I need to talk about it.  Oh, Derek. Damn it, Shonda!  Mindy and I both had to DVR it to begin with. The next night we were texting at bedtime about watching it for the first time together and the convo went like this:

“I’m going to go into the living room, I think.”
                “Ok. How long ‘til Roger is asleep? Bryon is already down.”
“I’m gonna go out there now.”
                “I have to take Bean out…  Let’s start together. Standby. I need wine and pants.”
“Ok. I need a blanket and a snack.”

Lulu and I paused at every commercial together and reasoned. Cried. Trevor came upstairs briefly because I was sobbing too loudly. Damn it, Shonda. I am sorry to see Derek go, but I love Meredith. She's the reason I watch after more than a decade. She survives.  It’s not just a show, okay?

I love how, even after all of these years, the Grey’s writers create deep arcs between the stories, weaving together episodes and music from years ago. Like memories with old friends. That shit hits you right in the heart and they know it! The remake of Chasing Cars during the scene when she says goodbye? I cried so hard, I almost couldn’t hear the damn song. Which I downloaded moments later.

Y’all, I actually listened to Moonbabies today. War On Sound, if you’re intrigued. It’s a song that makes my soul so thoroughly happy and uplifted. One of the many, many, many songs that rock my casbah and were played on – you guess it, Grey’s Anatomy. Please try not to vomit; it’s real, ok?