July 14, 2015

Campfire Jam

One of the things the boys share is their love for the guitar. It's grown on all of them and within all of them over the past few years. Bryon had an acoustic before we dated, though he didn't play it often.  Andy got his first electric for his birthday a few years ago. Then Bryon got an electric - and Trevor started to play. They're both lefties. Now each has their own guitar (and then some) and they are learning from one another.

Trevor is very methodical. He loves playing Rocksmith and singing classic rock. He'll play for hours.

Andrew has such a wonderful ear. Straight up talent. He's not a big fan of Rocksmith, but he will hear something and then later we'll hear it coming from his room. He's also writing a few songs of his own and practices almost every day.

Before the kids left for this summer, we had perfect campfire weather one evening. And the guitars came out to play. It was a good, old-fashioned jam session.

Yes, I am aware that we are sort of the Partridge Family. Especially when Mabes gets the drums out.

On this night the three of them played 'The Story' by Brandi Carlisle. That is my mama mantra. My single mom war cry. My heart exploded right then and there.

We are so grateful for this man. I love that he has shared his love for many things with the boys, but especially this one.

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