July 9, 2015

He is a Sk8er Boi

Look, Y'all, Andrew is a weirdo. The BEST KIND of weirdo. His unique personality is one of God's biggest gifts in my life.

When we visited Lake Pahoja in June, Andrew took his lime green penny. He was thrilled to utilize the freshly-paved, nearly-empty parking lot for his (non)tricks.

At some point I thought he needed a cape, so I attached one of the towels we'd brought along for swimming and he took off. He giggled the whole time. So did I. So did everyone.

It flowed behind him, flapping.

Seriously. I die of cuteness.

For years Andy wanted to skateboard more than he actually did it. But then about a year ago I think he got over his insecurities about doing it and just... got on. Three boards later, the kids is obsessed.  The short boards, the long boards, the shoes, the clothes - he's my skater boy. Love him so.

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