July 20, 2015

Hey, Mom, Here's My Hairrrrrr

You guys, my mom yelled at me. She did. I guess I mentioned getting my hair chopped off and then didn't post an "after" photo. So sorry, so sorry.

Full disclosure: this is 8 weeks post cut, so for me, about 1.5" longer than the first cut. I'm going to keep growing it for a while.

I have a new holy grail-level product: Bumble & bumble Invisible Oil Primer. Works no matter what I'm going to do with my hair.

Most days, I air dry it and wear it naturally wavy.

Other days, I blow it out and straighten it. Straightening it is such a chore, not because it's particularly hard but because at the age of 38, I have become lazy. In most cases I just want to leave the house quickly.

But if I'm being completely honest, there has always been a struggle in my head between bedhead and straight, Kelly Taylor 90210 hair.

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