October 15, 2015

And By The Way, The Fair

A few weeks ago the fair rolled into town. And so, on half-price wristband day, we went.

First, there was livestock. And boy, do they mean it out here!

Goats, cows, sheep.

Honestly, it was all over when we reached the pigs. Hayley is obsessed with pigs of any kind and Mabel quickly followed her big sister in squealing at the babies.

They had babies that were hours old. Oh my, the cuteness! Oh my, the umbilical cords!

I almost put one in my pocket.

It's scary how fast they grow. One minute they fit in your hand, the next - bacon.

Sorry, was that rude?

There were also rides. Have I mentioned the rides? Oh my heavens, it was crazy pants. Moo Rae wanted to ride EVERYTHING, especially the upside down, inside out, loopy doopy, salt shakery rides. Her brothers were game, but Hayley was not. She's a girl more aligned with the teacups.

I don't think anyone is surprised that Mabel wanted to get it on like Donkey Kong. She shows her armpits on rides. And at church.

All of them safely tilt-o-whirled together several times.

And the up-and-coming driver loved the bumper cars especially.

It was a blast!

October 9, 2015

A New Start

Have I seriously not updated since August? Friends, I'm so sorry.

I have a new job. God rocked my boat, turned everything upside down, and completely rightside up again. I've been sorting all kinds of things out over these last few weeks.

School started. Football. Shoes visited Da Plains to see Trevor play football.

I painted alot.

It feels refreshing all around.