December 21, 2015


I wrote this post months ago and promptly "lost" it.  Ta-da!

Often in the summertime, daddy plays guitar outside. The kids jump on the trampoline, play football in the yard, or basketball in the front while he just sits to play and relax.

One particular afternoon after the kids ran through the sprinkler, the bigs were feeling very big and decided to just sit on their towels and discuss politics and world issues. Actually, I think they were talking about dinner and Pokemon, but they were all done playing for the day. Hot and worn out. They also asked if they could please come inside where the air was on and there was bottled water to drink. Ohmygoodness.

Except for Moo.  Moo is never done playing. Life has her on fire every day and on this afternoon while the bigs sat, she did not.

She asked Daddy if she could run some water out of the hose for Bean to drink. Daddy said yes and since there is little Bean loves more than water flowing from a hose, he said yes, too.

Mabel decided she was thirsty, too.

And figured if she's going to drink from the hose, she might as well dance in it, too.

Dancing to the beat of Daddy's music, and to the sound of her own little drummer.


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