December 7, 2015

The Def-ication

Yes, I am aware that that pun is ridiculous, but that is indeed what Bryon and I exclaimed when we secured four tickets to Def Leppard this summer. The boys LOVE Def and Styx - and well, Tesla sings Love Song, so duh.

It would be a Def-ication. And their first concert experience. WHOOP.

I had me some punk fauxhawk hair.

The boys were pretty excited. Also, snacks!

Also, could we pause for a moment to observe the man child with the amazing hair and muscle shirt? Amen.

And when it was on, you guys, it was ON. They LOVED it.

Trevor and I walked up to the top level to watch Styx sing Renegade. It was amazing. And my boy sang every. single. word. A stranger stopped me and said I'd raised him right. You bet your ass!

Def was superb. They always are. We made memories none of us will ever forget.

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