July 15, 2016

Lola Montez is Beautiful

At some point in the past few months, the hubs and I started pretending we wanted another dog. Bean's training has been coming along beautifully and aside from some separation anxiety, he's a swell boy. We considered that maybe it was time for him to have a friend.

Also, have I mentioned how attached dabeebs is to Daddy? Oh that's right, I fell of the face of the earth for a bit so no, I didn't mention it. But it is REAL, folks. Follows Daddy errr'where, must go to the bathroom with him, mows the grass beside him - up and down the yard he goes, what is Daddy eating without me?, is Daddy upset?, ATTACHED. It's both sweet and hella annoying. He loves Mommy, too of course, but he is not my dog.

Months passed and I started to wonder about adding a little girl to our family. Scheming and planning, no. But I wondered out loud a lot to the hubs. He agreed and we began to look for a puppy. We weren't attached to a particular breed, but knew we wanted something Bean-sized and female. Laid back and willing to allow Bean to be the bossy boy that he is. Minimal shedding was a plus. We met lots of pups, but none of them stole our hearts.

Then last week I came across an ad in our local paper for pups near Bryon's hometown. She had a black Imperial Shih Tzu pup that made me gasp. Two days later we drove to meet the breeder and our girl and we fell in love immediately.

So far she's a mommy's girl all the way, but Daddy named her. Introducing Lola Montez!

She is a bouncy, fluffy, bunny-hopping girl with the cutest smashed face and biggest smile. She does have an underbite and a tiny white patch on her chest like her brother, Bean.

Bean loves her. LOVES her. He was even sharing his food bowl and bringing her toys by the second day. He is helping her learn how to go down the steps and waits for her to follow him everywhere.

For precious sakes. Yes, I do plan to topknot her hair most of the time because if I don't, she has no eyes. And she will have some cute sweaters because she's my girl, that's why. Thankfully shih tzus are happy, little clowns that love to play dress up (so I'm told). Mabel and I are already making plans!

Our girl is smart. She loves the water and has figured out how to launch herself into the shower with mommy twice. She scurries and fluffs around the house, almost as fast as Bean already. She also loves to have her ears folded back.

They already sleep beside each other on the bed. And Lola is almost sleeping through the night!

Trevor asked me for a photo of them side by side, for size reference. At 18 mos, Bean is fully grown and about 14 lbs. Lola is 14 weeks old and about 5 lbs now. She will stay a little sister, topping out around 8 lbs.

We are elated and can't wait for the kids to meet her in 8 days!

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