August 1, 2016

Goodbye, July

The month of crazy is upon us: August.

It's been a lovely summer, and I'm so grateful for everything we've done.

Chris Stapleton in Nebraska. Whoop!

Upcycling a quilt top from Anthropologie!

Lots of this fuzzy boss, right here.

1600 miles of driving.

Girl times.

Enjoying the shade under the new deck in dad's hammock!

Of course, there is our new Lola-bear.

This summer included lots of projects around the house while the kids were back east, including adding a deck and a fence to the house, and painting the interior. Don't let the hubs fool you - I painted. But he totally gets all the credit for the split foyer and ceilings. Oy.

Some of us found unique ways to relax. Yoga poses are big in our home.

There was also a very special visit with Nana Judy...

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