August 24, 2016

Lola Montez Was Small Enough For a Sink Bath

Lola Montez is not prissy. She likes to get dirty. Her favorite things outside are mud, potting soil to sniff into her beard, and water. She likes to eat poop, too, but we aren't going to mention that right now.

A few weeks ago, she was outside hopping through the sprinkler, chasing leaves from the birch tree, and playing in the mud. Basically making herself look like a furry hog. It was cute, but after she finished frolicking with her Moo, Lolabear needed a bath. Girl was STINKY.

In a flash we had her in the kitchen sink and Mabel ran to grab her soap (we use Dr. Bronner's baby castille soap). We slathered and lathered and tickled and giggled. Lola was very well-behaved for the whole process.

I die of cuteness. I mean.

In a jiff, she was spiffed up to her usual Lola self. We towel dried and she got very sleepy while swaddled up. We all fought over who would hold her and bounce her like a newborn. She also looked like half gremlin, half wookie while wet, in case you were curious. Also, behold the underbite.

After her hairs were dried, we pulled her hair up so she could see to chew on her bison tendon. She looked ADORBS. Two ponytails, Nana!

Over and out!

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