August 12, 2016

Man-Bun Oriented

Child #2 asked to grow his hair out this spring and after he promised to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of his hair better than he had previously, we agreed. He had big plans to grow it out into a man-bun that he could wear to school. Because he's a mini hipster, our Andrew.

And so we watched it grow when he left for churchcamp

and grow long enough for a mini man-bun, which he advertised on his instagram -

and grow long enough to reach his chin when stretched out. Unfortunately, the front became a tent around his face, with very wiry curl that frizzed with .01% humidity

just like our Lolabear!  Even Nana thought Andy was giving Lola a run for her money in the messy hair department when he visited her this summer.

As the weeks passed, Andrew struggled to get his hair to pull back. It combed easily; the curls and kinks stretched themselves down to his chin afterall. Except they also snapped back to their original kink with such force that man-buns did not survive. I think his heart was a little broken. And so, the hat came out. Every day.

Cute boy, yeah?  But the hair was CRAY.  He had to keep a hat on to keep it from taking over his face. 

So our amazing hair hero, A, decided to have a peek at it and make some recommendations. Love A. She's been my stylist for a very long time now and seriously loves the power points I bring to every hair appointment. She embraced emo as a teen and loves the Lord. I think she's just about the best combination for a human ever. Anyway, she combed through it and, Friends, he had an afro. Not a cool one, either. Together, Andy and A decided a trim was necessary. I left it up to them.

She took almost 5 inches off of the top and 4 off of the back. The pile was also cray. She left the sides and back longish so he could embrace his flippy curls, so he loves it.

I think Andy's man-bun dreams are over. His hair is just not made for that style. Well, not without consuming his face. Oh well, bring on the beanies instead.

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