August 4, 2016

MN Zoo

After this past school year ended, Daddy and I took the girls to Minneapolis for a fun weekend. We hit up the zoo and science center.

Mabel's most life-changing experience at the zoo happened at the aquarium. Not only did she get to see a big tiger shark up close, but they also have a shark and stingray petting area. Mabel was out of her mind, excited. We touched leopard sharks for almost an hour. I didn't get a single picture because I was busy petting them myself. The stingrays were so soft. All of them liked the attention and so would swim around and around, popping up at the surface of the water to rub against our hands. I'm pretty sure Mabel squealed eleventy times.

Hayley was most excited about the farm area of the zoo and made fast friends with a goat who followed her around for about a half an hour. It was precious.

The Science Museum of Minnesota was also a great time and reminded me very much of troop #219's trips to the Center of Science and Industry when I was a Brownie. Lots to do and touch and experience. Hayley made electricity and Mabel learned about proximity.

Then in the laboratory, Mabel stained slides and examined them beneath the microscope and Hayley examined the properties of grain.

We also visited the Mall of America and IKEA and the girls swam like fishies in the hotel pool.

The most hilarious part of the trip came on the last night while we were out to eat. Hayley and Mabel went to the bathroom, where Mabel found a basket of complimentary tampons. After Hayley told her what it was, she decided to open one and check it out. Being much more conservative, this mortified Hayley. We could hear laughing from our booth a few feet away and both of them popped out of the bathroom bursting to tell us all about it. Loudly. They teased each other about it for an hour and laughed so loud that the entire restaurant stared at Daddy. Because I was laughing my ass off about it, too. Daughters are fun!

Unfortunately on the night we got home, Daddy found out rather abruptly that he had a kidney stone. After a quick and painful 2am visit to the emergency room, he got to spend the next couple of days being spoiled (ice cream and Netflix binging) and medicated. Lots of essential oils and WATER later, he gave birth to two shiny baby stones. He is a champ! Egads and goodbye.

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