August 29, 2016

Our Muppet

Lola Montez is so beautiful. She is happy every minute of every day. Unless her Bean is sick, but that's another story for another day.

Her birthday is April 5
Her back legs do not run - they hop
If brother Bean can do it, so can she
She prefers her ears "open"
She squeaks and grunts like a ferret when she wants something
She has a MUCH deeper bark than Bean
Attitude, always
**Mommy's girl**
She is not fond of loud bangs at all
She is also not fond of the hammock
She is fearless and still wants to jump off of things that are too tall for her
She snorts when she licks something
She snorts when she eats or drinks
She is terribly messy when she eats, often dragging pieces of food all over the room
Yes, she likes Cheetos (not that she gets many)
If it's Bean's she wants it - and yells at him until he gives it up
If Kiki is around, she wants to play - and yells at her until Kiki rolls her eyes and leaves
Her nose is very tiny
Her smile is very big
The fur on her head is very long and when it's not in a topknot, she looks like a muppet
When she runs, all of her parts flip flop all over the place, like this

She does love everyone in the house. Actually, she loves everyone. Non discriminatory with her affection. But, my girl does have her favorites.  Ahem. I am one of them.

Here is the other:

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