August 8, 2016

Twin Brothers, Different Mothers

In the mid-90's I was part of a Christian youth group at my high school called Young Life. It was amazing and honestly, life-changing. We went to Camp Storer one fall and attended something called skit-night, where the YL leaders acted out various hilarious stories that always ended with the same theme: God is good. Anyway, my favorite skit was about two best friend brothers. They were entirely different yet delightfully similar.

Quite some years later, I have my own set of those. Well, with uteruses. So different, these two. One is ambitious and quietly motivated. The other is more fly by the seat of her pants with feathers in her hair, fearless. But 6 years in, I've figured something out: they've rubbed off on one another. I'm sure that was God's doing. Sometimes Mabel will be shy or scared, and sometimes Hayley will be ready to try brand new things without hesitation. It's been beautiful to watch God work.

It comes down to the same theme: God is good.

Every day.

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  1. I love stories like this! I know personally how hard it is to blend a family. Good work, Mr and Mrs Jedi!