August 3, 2016


I think everyone will be surprised that I'm writing again this week; I know I am. The hiatus wasn't intentional, truly. But life hit a point of busy we'd never seen before and it made more sense to live and enjoy every morsel of spare time than to spend it blogging. Hopefully I'm back for good because Lord knows, I have a lot to say.

With that, bring it Weddennessday!

So yesterday I got some homemade jerky from a local place that was so delicious, I couldn't stop gnawing on it. Seriously couldn't stop. I ate entirely too much cow and ended up with meat sweats and a stomach ache for a few hours. Yay for protein, but ugh. Not fun. Lesson learned!

The 15 year old's idea of fun is as follows: swimming, eating, playing board games with football buddies (I know, right?!), and Pokemon hunting until the a.m. Three of his friends recently spent the night in our family room and when I went down to wake them before leaving for work in the morning, all I saw were 8 socked feet sticking out of cushions, a dozen empty Gatorade bottles, and it smelled like rancid BO.  One of them was seriously sleeping between the couch and the wall. Guaranteed they had a blast. Ahhhh, teen boys and summer time.

Andrew has taught Bryon how to play PokemonGO and he loves it! Trevor, too. We now leave the house early so that we can stop at a few Poke stops on the way to/from places to stock up on some important balls, we hit up Poke gyms, and I frequently hear, "MOM! Turn left right now! There is a dragonite in the grass!" and "Do a u-turn right here!"  Ummm... okay. If you're curious, the brand new driver in our house is NOT allowed to play PokemonGO whilst driving because I want him to stay alive.

Oh yeah, Trevor can drive. And I am old.

Last week, my amazing friend and stylist (she is my wonder twin and loves the power point presentations I bring with me to each appointment) took my roots back to my natural level 6N. She smudged me down and added low/babylights of 6N throughout and, friends, I feel so much better. Things got a little too beachy there for a mo'.

How is it August already? Really?! I am trying to be a Yes Mom this summer. You want to jump on the trampoline at 7am? Yes. You want to run through the sprinkler for the 11th time today? Yes. You want to color before breakfast? Sure. You want to have 3 football player-sized friends spend the night? Okay. You want leftover pizza for your 8th meal this week? Gross, but sure.  Childhood is brief. It should be full of great memories. 

There is a tiny part of me that is excited for fall. It's my favorite season. Bring on pumpkin errr'thing, scarves, boots, and NO HUMIDITY while watching football. Whoop!

This year, my dad would have been 87. Can we all take a moment to say WOW? I mean, wow. This December will mark 20 years that he's been gone. And every day after that will be one day longer that I've lived without him, than with him here on earth. Looking forward to Heaven!

Hayley has been asking a lot of questions lately about what Heaven will look like. Aunt Mindy gave me a great recommendation for a book by Randy Alcorn called "Heaven For Kids."  Hayley and I have both been reading it. It is superb! It compiles all of the scriptures about Heaven and the New Earth in a way that is easily understood by kids. So proud of Hayley's eagerness to learn more about Heaven and so grateful for resources like this!

Tonight is chicken nachos for dinner! While I do buy gluten free tortilla chips for the kids and B to enjoy, I eat my Mexican in a bowl, Paleo-style. Meat (ground beef, turkey, or chicken pieces), seasoned with cumin, oregano, garlic, S+P, and chili powder, topped with chopped romaine, sliced avocado, fresh tomatoes from our garden, cilantro, plain Greek yogurt, and a sprinkle of cheese. Sauteed zucchini sometimes. I've also been known to add a fried egg on top. So, so good.

This was our first year for a garden. After Bryon got the area prepped and fenced, we picked out starter plants for baby yellow tomatoes, cherry reds, green peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini. In our inexperience, we did not read the recommendations on planting proximity and most of our plants strangled each other. Now we know! It was a rookie mistake, but I did get one enormous zucchini out of it. The tomatoes and peppers though, they are rocking it out next to the trampoline. Each day we send Mabel or Andy out with a bucket to pick the ripe tomatoes. Then they eat half of them on the way back into the house. No better snack, in my opinion.

Little Lola Montez is doing splendidly. She is still the mommy's girl.

Football is coming. His second summer training camp ended last week, so he has about a week of free time left to visit the pool, hunt for Pokemon, and hang out with friends. Football is coming. It will be two-a-days, hell week, training pods and team meetings, offensive and defensive line drills, and daily gym trips. Football is coming. It's his 8th year playing and we are so proud of his dedication and drive. He's a great safety and may play varsity wide receiver this year as well. Be still our hearts. Football is coming. It will be practice until dusk and more protein that he can shake a stick at (the stick is his leg - he's 6'0" and only weighs 127 lbs). Talking with Bryon about plans and plays and college team stats from breakfast to bedtime. We are ready to hit the stands and cheer him on, ready to gear up in our Titan wear. Man, I love being a football mom. FOOTBALL IS COMING!

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